The purpose of the Dance Department at Grand Center Arts Academy is to expose select students to the historical, technical, and artistic elements of dance: Ballet, modern (traditional and contemporary), jazz and other dance techniques (hip hop/world dance/tap) and dance related courses such as Dance Orientation, Dance History, and Dance Composition. Students are given a complete foundation in dance through our supportive, rigorous, and challenging core curriculum. With the students’ engagement and dedication to the process and the supportive and well trained instructional staff, GCAA dance students are being prepared for a university, conservatory setting, or possibly accepted directly into professional companies as apprentices and /or full company members.
VISION STATEMENT Our vision is to provide a comprehensive dance experience that will meet the needs of dedicated and talented students who are considering careers in dance or dance-related careers. With the provision of intensive dance instruction of the highest quality and a strong academic curriculum, all courses and departmental activities are designed to accomplish the following goals:
          • To develop artistic and creative potential through a sequentially developed curriculum in both technical and theoretical dance courses
          • To increase an appreciation for dance as an art form
          • To develop skill development through coaching and performance-based assessment
          • To stimulate students’ creative and critical thinking and open-ended inquiry
          • To broaden an understanding of other art forms and their relationship to dance
          • To develop an understanding of physiologically sound movement principles
          • To maintain a standard of excellence
          • To initiate community involvement through volunteer service and performances
          • To instill a sense of ethics and professionalism