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Administration's Message

Welcome Message from Dr. Shane Hopper, Head of School


shane hopper gcaa head of school

Dear Valued Grand Center Student, Parent, Teacher, and/or Community Member,


At Grand Center Arts Academy (GCAA), we are working hard to get everything prepared for the promise of a new school year. Let’s collectively make this the best one yet! We want to thank all of our amazing graduates and returning stakeholders for making last year such an impactful one at GCAA. Now we look forward to the next chapter. This gem of a school, in the heart of the St. Louis art district, is celebrating its 12th year of existence. This anniversary marker is about everyone with any connection, both great and small.


We had some monumental societal developments over the last few years. Many of these are still unfolding. We accept the challenges, knowing there are fantastic partners within our community! We look forward to providing our families and students with the best opportunities possible during these unprecedented times. A continued strong effort will be made to keep Grand Center Arts Academy the best possible option for arts integration in a sound academic setting.


Our motto is Creative Genius. That sets a high standard of excellence that we strive to meet. We are blessed with such a beautiful and unique school, serving students in 6th to 12th grades on one campus. We have very dedicated, talented, and caring teachers/staff wanting to impart their knowledge and talents to students on a daily basis. Those in our care pick one of four pathways to follow: Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, or Music. They explore these areas of art, while at the same time getting a well-rounded scholastic experience.  


We are never one to be satisfied with the status quo. The goal is always to offer the best version of ourselves daily. Professionalism and positive practices will continue to be stressed. We want to persistently offer our students proper models of current and future success. The reason why is because they deserve it!


GCAA will continue to work towards finding various avenues to address challenges, being innovative, and creating an academic environment that fosters the best opportunities for our students. They need to be prepared/skilled both locally and globally in today’s evolving world. We are currently planning and getting the campus ready for the next round of school adventures. We will see you quite soon. Go Phoenix!    


Helping to educate,

Dr. Shane Hopper

Head of School

[email protected]