Easy, Convenient Access to Healthcare for Students, Staff & Families

We are proud to announce that Confluence Academies and Mercy-GoHealth Urgent Care have partnered to provide easy, convenient access to healthcare for students, staff, and families. This includes access to any of the 24 Mercy-GoHealth centers throughout Missouri, including preferred access to the Maplewood, Clayton, Kirkwood, Oakville and Fenton centers as well as Virtual Visits. All locations are open every day with evening and holiday hours.
Program Benefits
  • Preferred access to appointments for Virtual Visits for care from the comfort of your home, available on the co-branded website below
  • Preferred access to save a spot incenter, available on the cobranded website
  • Seamless referrals to Mercy Specialists, if needed
  • Antigen,Molecular and PCR Covid-19 testing is available
  • Easy access to visit and test results through MyMercy
  • Monthly Health Articles and Tips available on the co-branded website
For more information or to save your spot for any urgent care needs, please visit the below website: GoHealthuc.com/DTE/Mercy-St-Louis/Confluence
If you have any questions or difficulty saving your spot online, please email [email protected] and someone from the Mercy-GoHealth team will be able to assist you.