Sponsor of GCAA: Saint Louis University


Saint Louis University is the sponsor of Grand Center Arts Academy, which means that GCAA has satisfied Saint Louis University’s rigorous application process to receive a charter and that GCAA will be subject to significant continuing oversight from Saint Louis University.


In Missouri, charter schools are only allowed within the city limits of Kansas City and Saint Louis City.  Charter schools must be sponsored by the local school district or by a four-year accredited university in Missouri.   As a leader in higher education, Saint Louis University is well-positioned to help ensure that the charter schools they sponsor will provide high-quality educational experiences for the students they serve.  Saint Louis University currently sponsors three charter schools. Application Process Saint Louis University has established a rigorous application process to ensure that any charter schools they sponsor will meet high standards of quality public education.  These indicators address a number of areas critical to the success of a school, including:
  • a clear and well-articulated mission
  • solid governance structure
  • parent/guardian participation
  • sound administrative management
  • strong educational program
  • qualified and dedicated teachers
  • plans to serve students with special needs
  • health and safety
  • evidence of increasing student achievement
  • school climate and student discipline
  • sound financial management
  • recruitment and admissions procedures
  • school-as-a-choice option
  • appropriate facilities
  • satisfactory reporting relationships

Accountability Framework

Saint Louis University has developed an accountability framework to help its schools succeed. Within this framework, Saint Louis University monitors performance in academic achievement, organizational management, financial stability, school satisfaction, and compliance with Saint Louis University’s requirements and Missouri charter school law. As part of the accountability framework, Saint Louis University’s schools undergo annual reviews that include site visits, classroom observations, evaluations of standardized tests, financial reviews, and analyses of school-specific measures. The reviews are structured to help schools continue to improve and develop.