Prospective Students

Is Grand Center Arts Academy the Right School for You? Grand Center Arts Academy provides the highest level of academic and artistic education for the most talented students in the St. Louis community.  Do you have a passion for the arts?  Are you a dancer?  Are you a singer, or do you play an instrument?  Do you love the theater, acting, and being on stage?  Are you an artist, who spends much of your free time making art, drawing and sketching, looking at the world through creative eyes, as only artists can?  Do you value education and want to do the very best you can in your academic pursuits?  Do you care about your grades?  Do you want to be in a school with students just like you, students with a passion for their art form, but all individually as different as any two people can be?  Can you hold your own in a highly competitive but supportive environment that nurtures you when you need it and nudges you outside your comfort zone when you need that as well?  Do you yearn for a place that ‘gets’ the way highly creative and smart kids think? Students like those described above find that they are the best match for our school. Sudents who do not have a clear artistic talent, and/or are unwilling to do the hard work that our arts and academic classes require, are the ones who struggle. We are not an alternative school or a place for students with only a passing interest in the arts. We work our students hard, both academically and artistically. Only those students eager to embrace this kind of education will succeed in our environment. Students who are highly creative and already pursuing their artistic dreams will find a home at GCAA. If you fit this description, this is definitely the right school for you!