Classroom Websites and Teacher Blogs

Below, you will find the Classroom Websites and blogs of Teachers, Departments, Grades and Clubs.  There's only a few links at this time, but this list is going to grow large in coming months. The off-site "Websites" are not part of the official GCAA Website, but are maintained by GCAA teachers.  The "Blogs" are compilations of all of the posts at the GCAA Website pertaining to the listed category.

Art Department Websites and Blogs

Dance Department Blog Drew Cowell (Vocal Music Website) Damen Martin (Instrumental Music Website) Visiting Artists at GCAA - Blog Performances and Events at GCAA

Academic Department Websites and Blogs

Travis Armknecht Website Jacob Becker Website Eric Theby's Blog Fred Warren Website Science Blog


Seventh Grade Newsletters Ted Frigillana Website