Drop-off and Pick-up


If you drive your child to school, you must follow GCAA’s drop-off procedure to assure the safety of all our students.  Please DO NOT stop in the traffic lanes, either east- or westbound, on Grandel.  If you are heading east (toward Grand), please pull into a parking spot and walk your child across the street.  If you are heading west (toward Spring), the drop-off lane is the lane closest to the building, and ONLY THAT LANE.  To enter the drop-off lane, take Delmar east, Grand south and then turn back west on Grandel.  We have to allow traffic to flow and respect that our neighbors are also heading to school and work.

The school day begins promptly at 8:00 am.  Students are expected to be sitting in their seats, ready for class to begin by 8:00 am.  Please drop off your children early enough that they can get to their lockers and then their classes on time.

A New PickUp Map with specific procedures will be updated  shortly.  Click here for general pick-up procedures.

January 6 2016 update: Video showing proper method for dropping off and picking up GCAA students: