Dress Code

(From the Student and Family Handbook, 2012-2013). Appropriate Dress: While we do not require uniforms, we do have rules about what is appropriate to wear at school.  If you are wearing inappropriate clothing, your parent will be asked to bring another set of clothes to school for you to wear.  The rules are as follows:
  • No pajamas
  • Shorts should have at least a 3-inch inseam.
  • Skirts should reach the tips of fingers while standing.
  • Underwear should not be visible (this includes bra straps).
  • No sagging. Boys should wear belts.
  • No suggestive sayings or profanity on any clothing.
  • We do not want to see skin through holes in your clothing, even if this is a current fashion trend.
  • Students are expected to be dressed and groomed in a manner which will not be disruptive to the educational process, constitute a health or safety hazard or violate civil law.  Any clothing or jewelry that is distracting to the learning process is not permitted.
  • Final determination of appropriateness of student dress will made by the school administration.