Webmaster for the GCAA Website

Our Webmaster:     Erich Vieth - erichvieth@gmail.com       If you have any questions about posting content to the GCAA website, please contact these individuals, and they will be happy to help out.

Note regarding requests to publish a new event on the GCAA website calendar:

For those teachers and staff members who would like to add an event (a meeting, concert, dance, or whatever) to the new GCAA website calendar, it is imperative that each such event be approved by the administration in writing before it can be published on the website.  This should be done by obtaining specific written approval by either Dan Rubright or Lynne Glickert.  This can be done through email or by use of an "Event Form" that will soon be available. Our volunteer webmasters won't have time to investigate the details of each proposed calendar event.  Therefore, it is also important that you specify the exact wording to be used.  What we need for each proposed calendar event posting is the following:

A) A short Title to the event, worded exactly how you'd like it to appear; and

B) A description of the event (a few sentences or even a few paragraphs) that will tell people everything they need to know about what will be happening and why they might want to attend. 

On our new website calendar, you also have the option to upload photos regarding  events.  This could be any sort of photo that puts people in the mood to attend. If the event will take place somewhere other than GCAA, we will need the exact address, including zip code. If there is a cost for the event (e.g., $5 for admission to a dance), please indicate that amount. The people who are helping with the website are parent volunteers.   With regard to posting events, their role to simply publishing the information given to them rather than requiring them to contact you to obtain any of the above information.   In return for helping them out this way, they will be able to promptly (sometimes immediately) publish the event on the website calendar. After the administration provides you with clearly worded written approval to place an event on the calendar, your request should be emailed directly to Erich Vieth at erichvieth@gmail.com