Website Reporting Club

The Grand Center Arts Academy Reporting Club was established in October, 2012. Its visions are fairly simple: to share stories about and GCAA students using multimedia using the school website.  Here is our blog, containing the stories we have published on the GCAA website to date. There are currently seven members: Juju Vieth, Magnolia Mulvhill, Isabel Brieler, Elise Palmer, Abi Gray, Joel Breeden and Joerdan Carney. The club is led by GCAA Comm Arts teacher Liz Zeiser, GCAA's Community Development Coordinator Katherine Palmer, and Erich Vieth (parent of JuJu Vieth). According to Joel Breeden, the students will benefit greatly from this club “because the club will share stories and information of interest to the students and the GCAA community.” Juju Vieth says she was interested in joining “because I love photography…and it makes news more interesting.” She also says that it will benefit “The public because it lets them see why GCAA is here.” Sixth grader Elise Palmer said “I think I will benefit from this club for my later on life experiences.” All the members of the club are looking forward to getting their information out to the public and letting them know what’s so special about GCAA. [This article was written by Isabel Brieler, with assistance from the other members of the Website Reporting Club].