Donate Button with Credit Cards ​Dear GCAA Community, Exciting news! We are pleased to announce the foundation of The GCAA Fund, which will be held by The Greater St. Louis Community Foundation. At the same time, a new GCAA Leadership Committee has been formed to focus development efforts in support of its mission: the long-term financial stability of Grand Center Arts Academy. All donations received through annual giving, corporate or individual gifts, grants or foundation gifts will be deposited in The GCAA Fund. Donations to the fund will be tax-deductible and can only used for the mission described above. By working with the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation, we will have increased exposure to some of the region’s most generous philanthropists, plus guidance and support from a well-respected 100-year-old philanthropic foundation. The Leadership Committee and The GCAA Fund will not replace the Arts Departments’ various booster clubs, or fundraising conducted by the Parent Association (those resources will continue to support more immediate needs at GCAA). Instead, we will focus on larger gifts, investing money for growth and longer-term investment in capital projects (perhaps sound and light for the Sun Theatre, hopefully the purchase of our buildings in time). Before we can seek grants or reach out to corporations and individual philanthropists, we must show that the GCAA community supports its school. You will soon receive an announcement regarding an Annual Giving campaign. The long-term financial stability of this wonderful school depends on showing future donors a 100% participation rate. Please keep an eye out for this and please participate. ​ Additional opportunities for our families to get involved and support this new initiative are coming, and we welcome all ideas! GCAA Leadership Committee Dianne Gray, Rhonda Holt, Mindy Carney, Lynne Glickert GCAA Fund www.gcaafund.org St. Louis, MO 63112