Student Ambassadors

Why be a Student Ambassador? You will become part of an important team of students that represent GCAA. You might be interested because you want a leadership role to put on your college applications. Others join because they enjoy their experiences at GCAA and want additional performance opportunities. For some students it provides another outlet for being involved on campus with friends while being productive. Student Ambassadors will serve as the first point of contact for many adult professional artists and other visitors to GCAA, represent the student body at outside public events, attend various fundraisers for the school and participate in community service projects. Ambassadors are to participate as much as possible with an expected time commitment of 30 hours per year. Student's families should carefully consider if this commitment presentas any academic or transportation issues. Requirements: + Minimum 3.0 GPA + Must have attended GCAA for at least one year + Be in 7th grade or beyond + Have good verbal communication skills + Have an artistic talent they wish to share or perform + Be prepared to purchase a Student Ambassador logo wear for $26 The staff representative for Student Ambassadors is Mrs. Palmer, Community Development Coordinator for GCAA.