College Credit Options

College Credit Options 

There are various ways to earn College Credit before setting foot on a college campus. The student must make a serious commitment to these options as they are academically challenging and require more time and effort from the student.

1. College Credit 

This option is when a high school teacher at GCAA teaches a college level course on the high school campus. They must follow the rules set by the college/university where the credit will be earned. A student can take the class without paying for the college credit, meaning they will only earn high school credit. The cost per semester course is typically around $190. This cost seems high; however, the same course actually on a St. Louis University campus would cost over $3,000! If a student wants to earn the college credit, they must sign up in class and pay the correct college by the due date. The college transcript will be AT the college (not GCAA) and the student will have to send it to the college the end up attending.

St. Louis University 1818 Program-

SLU classes at GCAA- Nature Ecology and Literature, Calculus I, Elementary Stats, Conflict Social Justice and Literature, Public Speaking, and Writing Composition

University of Missouri-St Louis Advanced Credit Program-

UMSL classes at GCAA -College Algebra

2. AP
The second option is when a student signs up to take the course with an GCAA teacher on our campus. The teacher will follow curriculum approved by the College Board. A student can then opt to take a test the first 2 weeks in May to earn a score of 1-5, 5 is highest. If a student earns a 4 or 5 it is likely their college will accept this credit. Some Missouri colleges also accept 3’s. There is a cost of around $90 for each test.

College Board AP Courses-

AP classes at GCAA- Studio Art, Biology, Government, United States History, Psychology, Music Theory

3. CLEP Test
The third option is also offered by the College Board. Students can opt to take the CLEP test at their college campus (cost is around $80 plus a fee for the testing center) and earn college credit. This is a very inexpensive way to earn credit. Search your college website to see what courses they accept. What student would take this option? If they feel very confident in the material they learned while in high school but did not have the option of taking it for college credit or AP credit. You can download practice tests for each test online for as little as $10 to see if you are knowledgeable enough to do well on the test.