College Access Programs

College Access Programs

College Bound-

College Bound is a 7 – 9 year college preparation and success program. We are committed to staying with our students from the beginning of their sophomore year of high school until they have a college diploma in their hands and are on their way to finding a career of purpose.

UMSL Bridge Program-

Since its inception in 1986, the University of Missouri-St. Louis Bridge Program has provided exemplary college access services to the St. Louis community. Bridge remains one of the most successful and widely emulated models, providing unique and comprehensive year-round precollegiate programming for St. Louis area high school students and parents. Student participants represent public and private high school institutions throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

As UMSL’s flagship precollegiate program, Bridge prides itself on providing program offerings that equip students with competencies critical for the successful matriculation to post-secondary institutions throughout the United States. Bridge continues to lead the way while exemplifying college access best practices throughout the St Louis area.

St. Louis Internship Program-

The St. Louis Internship Program goal is to provide hope and opportunity for high school students in financial need through paid summer internships, intensive employability training, and year-round college and career planning, in partnership with businesses and community organizations, and to build the St. Louis community by developing motivated, well-trained, and talented future employees.


Wyman’s St. Louis-based Teen Leadership Program (TLP) provides immersive summer experiences and school-year support to help more than 80 teens each year become successful college-bound students and citizens of the world. Teens who are at-risk recognize their potential and push themselves beyond boundaries they never thought possible.