Social Studies

Social studies at Grand Center Arts Academy leads students through curricula that meets Missouri Learning Standards for Social Studies requirements as described by Missouri Grade-level and Course-level Expectations.  GCAA students will:
  • Use critical thinking skills.
  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of active citizens.
  • Identify democratic values and principles embodied in the Constitution and fundamental charters of freedom.
  • Use interpersonal skills such as cooperation, adaptability, and conflict resolution.
  • Develop understanding for cultural diversity at the local, state, national, and global levels.
  • Use available resources to research and process information in a changing world.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication.
  • Recognize spatial, historical, political, social, and economic relationships.
  • Connect the past with the present and future.
  • Demonstrate characteristics of life-long learners.
Students engage in the content in a variety of ways that promote active learning and deep understanding. Students work with both primary and secondary sources, as well as engage in a variety of critical thinking and writing applications about their understanding and content knowledge. The social sciences disciplines, including but not limited to history, provide ready opportunities for arts infusion. Art plays a vital role in all cultures, past and present, and for many of the cultures featured in the GCAA social studies curriculum, their contribution to the arts is among their primary contributions to world civilization. Art, architecture, poetry, drama, sculpture, music not only help us understand the period and people we are studying, but help us see how their contributions influence society today and speak to our common humanity. Many threads exist that allow art to illuminate social studies and social studies to contextualize and inspire art, and students will explore these together.