Grand Center Arts Academy is a school that meets the demands of our students intellectually by challenging them with rigorous academic classes as well as placing precise emphasis on the visual and performing arts. We are a college preparatory school and expect our graduates to go on to further education. Our courses meet all Missouri state standards and requirements.

GCAA’s unique curriculum fuses academics with the arts in order to create well-rounded young people who will be assets to their communities. Teachers work together to bring arts alive in the academic classrooms, while artistic teachers strive to show their students that discipline in academics is as important as discipline in the arts. At our school, a well-rounded artist is also a well-rounded student. Our students look at the world as a creative as well as structured place, because that is what they see all around them in the classrooms.

At the high school level, our academic courses include Advanced Placement classes. We encourage our students to go beyond the minimum requirement and challenge themselves, so that when applying to higher-level institutions, they’ll stand out from the rest.  Teachers challenge and inspire students to reach academic success. We invite you to check out our curriculum and learn how we are working to help students become both talented artists and successful learners.