GCAA Freshman Ashton Patterson to Exhibit at Shaw Art Fair

15-year old GCAA Freshman Ashton Patterson will be exhibiting his work at the Fall 2017  Shaw Art Fair, a large juried art fair held annually in the Shaw Neighborhood.
Ashton has been interested in photography for a few years.  He  took his first photography class in the 2017 spring semester at GCAA.  His interest peaked last summer when his family's food truck was hired to feed the band members of Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin back stage at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.  Ashton took a photo of two members of Breaking Ben wearing the family's food truck's tee shirts and received many compliments on the composition. Realizing that he could do so much more with a "real" camera than he could with is iPhone, a spark ignited.
After having several photos selected for the GCAA Art Show, Ashton began thinking about participating in larger venues.  Since his family has always attended the Shaw Art Fair and has purchased many pieces there, this was a natural goal.  Ashton submitted four of his photos to be reviewed by the jury and was one of 12 photographers accepted out of more than 20 applicants.  The average score of the selected photographers was 16.6; Ashton scored 17.  Applicants come from all over the US, including some international artists.  Ashton's mother has been told by several people associated with the Historic Shaw Art Fair that Ashton is the youngest artist ever to be selected.
Congratulations to Ashton!
[Information for this story provided by Kimberly Patterson].

GCAA’S ANNUAL ART SHOW Thursday, April 20th 6-8pm

GCAA’S ANNUAL ART SHOW Thursday, April 20th, 6-8pm $2 admission

A beautiful collection of middle and high school art will be showcased in the GCAA lobby and Sun Theater mezzanine. Large decorative plates created by Painting II students will be auctioned in the Sun Theater Lobby, in addition to an Art Shop with a selection of Photography and Graphic Design pieces for sale. Art SALE: Looking for a way to support local artists and the GCAA Visual Art Department?! GCAA Photography students are pleased to present our online 2017 Collection, a convenient way that does both while making your space beautiful. Most prints will be on display at our Annual Art Show on April 20th and a few select prints will be available for purchase in the Art Shop. We will have iPads available to view the 2017 Collection as well. Shop this link and have your professional grade prints shipped right to your door! Art AUCTION: This is a sneak peek at the hand painted plates that will be auctioned at our art show. These are large wall hanging ceramic plates built by Mr. Spiguzza. Our Painting II students collectively recreated various master artworks on the surface of each plate. They are currently on display in the main office and are absolutely gorgeous! If you can't attend the show, but would like to place a bid please contact Mrs. Clayton at megan.clayton@grandcenterartsacademy.org. -- The previous visual art show occurring on Dec 1, 2016, was a big success. Here are some of the scenes and works of art from that December show:        

University of Missouri Graphic Design Student Features GCAA Artists in “Audio Chroma”

For several weeks, Matt Washausen of UMSL (University of Missouri - St. Louis) worked with high school students from Grand Center Arts Academy as part of his senior thesis.   The result was: "Audio Chroma."  In the following video, Washausen discusses his work during the December 16, 2016 exhibition of Audio Chroma at UMSL Fine Arts Building Gallery. img_4780audio-chroma-gcaa   img_4774audio-chroma-gcaa img_4779audio-chroma-gcaa  

Visual Arts Department Presents Winter Art Show: Dec 1, 5-7 pm

The Visual Art Department would like to invite you to view a beautiful display of student artwork at the GCAA Winter Art Show, Thursday December 1 from 5-7pm. There is a $2 admission fee. This year, 3 guest judges will be handing out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards in the categories of Drawing/Painting, 2-Dimensional Design, and 3-D Design. One Middle and High School student will also be awarded Best in Show. We are excited to honor and showcase our students’ hard work and hope you will join us! winter-show-poster-update-01 Event posters created by senior design student, Tyson Johnson!

Senior UMSL student partners with GCAA Graphic Design students for project & show: Audio Chroma

gn6a2793-matt-umsl USML design student, Matthew Washausen, has decided to focus his senior thesis on the connection of a music and design. By pairing GCAA Graphic Design students and local musicians, students will create responses to music's influence on creativity and design, which will then be presented at an event in the Fine Arts Building on UMSL's campus.
"Music can be a very important aspect in design. It is influential to our ideas, thoughts and daily life activities. The inspiration and influence music has on my design is tremendous: I believe the experience of pairing design students with local musicians to create responses is a major opportunity for students with design interest to receive mentorship. With having the event at UMSL we hope to encourage students to find interest in exploring graphic design in college." - Matthew Washausen
The event, Audio Chroma: The Power of Music & Design, will be held at the University of Missouri- St. Louis in the Fine Arts Building on Friday, December 16th from 6:00-10:00pm. gn6a2790-matt-umsl This will be an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their design work and discuss their results with family, friends, peers, and design students of UMSL. This event will demonstrate the importance that music has on design and uniting a community through graphic design.  

Bird Art

Liz LeSaulnier's beginning visual art students worked on their paper mache "fantasy birds" this week. gn6a2446-gcaa-vocal-and-bird-sculpture gn6a2429-gcaa-vocal-and-bird-sculpture   gn6a2437-gcaa-vocal-and-bird-sculpture gn6a2452-gcaa-vocal-and-bird-sculpture

New GCAA Graphic Design Website

Check out the new website that showcases the talented graphic designers at GCAA! graphic design - GCAA With that said, next year we have a Graphic Design Production Studio course that will collaborate with departments and community organizations to provide design services. We hope those who are interested take advantage of our awesome designers and provide them with professional experience that will help build skill set and portfolio. The request form can be found on the website and Sharepoint. Items our students can design for you could include t-shirts, posters, programs, tickets, brochures, flyers, you name it!

UMSL Graphic Design Professor Leads Typography Workshop at GCAA

On May 10, 2016, UMSL Associate Professor Jen McKnight visited Caitlin Munguia's graphic design class to lead a workshop on typography. McKnight was accompanied by UMSL graduating senior, Aaron Mann, who discussed his portfolio with the class. Photos below, and more photos at the GCAA Flickr site. GN6A1142 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight   GN6A1123 GCAA Misc Jen McKnightGN6A1156 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight GN6A1159 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight GN6A0976 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight GN6A0974 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight GN6A0969 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight GN6A1002 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight GN6A1161 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight GN6A1156 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight GN6A1137 GCAA Misc Jen McKnight

Visual Art Senior Banquet

Visual Art Seniors gathered last week for an exciting night out to commemorate their journey at Grand Center Arts Academy.  It was a heartfelt evening as the department reminisced on many memories and relationships that have developed over the years. Teachers and students also celebrated the individuality and charisma each of these students holds with personalized "Dada" Awards! Good luck seniors, we wish you well!  

Visual Arts Spring Show Features Middle School and High School Artists

On Thursday, April 21, 2016, the GCAA Visual Arts Students (Middle School and High School) were featured at the Annual Spring Art Show. The Show drew a big crowd to the Sun Theater.  The show also succeeded in raising funds for future art projects.  Many of the works from the show are featured below. Chair of the Art Department, Ms. Megan Clayton discussed this year's show with me: