Vibes – Winter Dance Concert

The GCAA Dance Department electrified the Sun Theater on a cold Friday night, presenting its Winter Concert, titled "Vibes." The cast of many is spelled out in the official program for the event. Congratulations is in order to all of the talented dancers, as well as the GCAA Dance Faculty: Nicki Beier, Chivas Merchant-Buckman, Thomas Proctor, Danielle Sampson and Ashley L. Tate (Department Chair). Special recognition goes to Royce Martin, GCAA Music Pathway Student, who provided the live accompaniment for the first performance for the night, "Hotel California." There are many photos featured in this post, but keep in mind that there are many more photos from this event (more than 300 photos) featured in the GCAA Flickr Website.  gn6a4004-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4879-gcaa-dance-12-9-16 gn6a4097-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4060-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4072-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4216-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4214-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4047-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4547-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4365-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4260-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4340-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4395-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4481-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4560-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4611-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4813-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4236-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4194-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4037-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4690-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4596-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4298-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4528-gcaa-dance-samplesgn6a4803-gcaa-dance-samples  

“Vibes” – GCAA Winter Dance Concert – December 9, 2016

dance-photoPlease join Grand Center Arts Academy for "VIBES", our 2016 High School Winter Dance Concert. Tickets are $5 in advance, and $10 at the door. There is a small ($1.27) convenience fee for online tickets. You will experience ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop and more! The students have been working hard and they cannot wait to entertain you. They would love to have your support! Doors open at 6:30 pm. We hope to see you at the Sun Theater! If you have any questions, please email Ashley L. Tate, GCAA Dance Department Chair at NOTE: No Refunds are Available. Children (ages 2 and under) can attend for free, if sharing a seat with a paying adult. No photography or videography allowed. Choreography by: Nicki Beier, Chivas Merchant-Buckman, Thomas Proctor, Danielle Sampson, and Ashley L. Tate.

Two GCAA students that will be performing in a professional dance production on Sept 18th

Two GCAA students will be performing in a professional dance production on September 18. Jordan Siemens is a member of the crew, and Carly Lawrence is a guest performer. For details, see below:
Dear Dance Faculty and Mr. Frederickson, I'm so happy to share that you have two GCAA students that will be performing in a professional dance production on Sept 18th. It's called "DiversCity" and put on my TigerStyle Crew! (based out of KC, but members live all over the states). Jordan Siemens is a member of the crew, and Carly Lawrence is a guest performer. I was hoping you might be able to share that information with parents and dancers. The crew is also doing 3 stops at 3 studios that Friday Sept 16th and Sat Sept 17th in the STL area. Any dancers attending those workshops have the opportunity to also perform in the production that Sunday night!!! I'll include that info below in case you can share it; both for the workshops (great opp for other GCAA students) and the show information as well. Thank you for all you do, Leah Cordiano-Siemens
SUNDAY SHOW DAY SEPT 18th: Where: West County YMCA- Chesterfield Community Theatre 16464 Burkhardt Pl, Chesterfield, MO 63017 PURCHASE TICKETS HERE: (these times are in flux currently for the "dancer call/rehearsals/breaks". We will be reposting these shortly, but this is an outline that would be similar) 2:00pm Dancer Call (get them checked in and Warm-Up from 2:15pm-2:30pm on stage) 2:30pm Rehearsals start sometime between 2:30-3pm? 3pm-5:30pm Rehearsals (ish) 5:45pm-6:15pm dinner break for dancers 6:15pm Doors open for VIP SEATING 6:30pm Doors open for General Admission 7pm-8:30pm or 9pm show, pic with VIPS etc..

GCAA Dancers are “Invincible”

The name of the April 7, 2016 GCAA Dance program was "Invincible," as indicated by the program. The spectacular program featured numerous senior class dancers dancing their farewell to GCAA audiences, in anticipation of moving on to new schools and adventures. GN6A0007 GCAA Dancers As usual, in addition to the many photos featured in this article, there are hundreds more photos from this performance that can be found on GCAA's Flickr page in the Dance Album. GN6A9929 GCAA Dancers GN6A9809 GCAA Dancers GN6A9789 GCAA Dancers GN6A9904 GCAA Dancers GN6A9680 GCAA Dancers GN6A9364 GCAA Dancers GN6A9283 GCAA Dancers GN6A9523 GCAA Dancers

At the end of January, three of our GCAA dance students (Joel Breeden, senior; Brianna Ford, senior; Samantha York, sophomore) were presented with their Dance St. Louis Dance Career Awards at the Touhill Performing Arts Center. IMG_2991   IMG_2995 Recipients of the Dance Career Award are offered guidance and support towards more intensive dance training and ultimately towards careers in the dance world. Awardees are also given assistance with preparation for auditions, counseling on whether or which college to pursue, request for letters of recommendation, connections in the professional dance world and more. Dance St. Louis may also contribute financially and help seek support for award winners from dance schools, colleges and professional dance companies.
The Dance Career Award recipients are selected from hundreds of students participating in the Monsanto Dance Education Residency Program — the largest of Dance St. Louis’ education outreach programs. Congratulations!
Ashley Tate

Head of School Matt Frederickson discusses GCAA (Video)

A couple weeks ago, GCAA Head of School Matt Frederickson agreed to allow me to record an interview where he discusses many aspects of GCAA. It's a 25 minute interview filled with colorful images of GCAA students making art. Enjoy!


"Momentum" was the title for the December 3, 2015 GCAA Dance Performance at the Sun Theater.  Program for the performance is here.   Selected photos are featured in thumb nails below, and more than 200 photos can be found at the GCAA Flickr site (see the link at the bottom of the GCAA homepage) in the "Dance" Album. GN6A6595 GCAA Dance 12-3-15 lo res GN6A6632 GCAA Dance 12-3-15 lo res GN6A6157 GCAA Dance 12-3-15 lo res GN6A6087 GCAA Dance 12-3-15 lo res GN6A5798 GCAA Dance 12-3-15 lo res

GCAA Dance Concert and Visual Arts Exhibit – Both on Dec 3

Next Thursday night (December 3rd at 7 pm), the dance department at Grand Center Arts Academy is having their winter dance concert at the Sun Theater on Grandel Square. Please consider buying a ticket and being a part of the audience. Tickets are $5 in advance (online ticketing closes late night on Wed) and $10 at the door (cash or credit card only). Here is the link: Right before the concert, the visual arts department will be hosting their winter art showcase in the Sun Theater mezzanine from 5-6:45 p.m. Dance department will also be selling their new GCAA Dance Tshirts (pre-order) for $10 a piece. All ticket and tshirt sales directly benefit the department. Hope to see you there!

Spring Performance 2015: GCAA Dance

GN6A5630 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 On April 16 and 17, the GCAA Dance Department performed the Spring Dance Concert at the Sun Theater.  The program can be found here.  Photos from the performance can be found in this post (both the full size photos and the thumbnail gallery at the bottom of this post), and in the GCAA Flickr site (go to the Dance Album, scrolling to the most recent Dance photos). GN6A5761 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 GN6A5485 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 GN6A5480 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 GN6A5396 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 GN6A5202 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 GN6A5177 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 GN6A5152 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 GN6A5983 GCAA Dance Apr 2015 GN6A6254 GCAA Dance Apr 2015GN6A5987 GCAA Dance Apr 2015GN6A5536 GCAA Dance Apr 2015GN6A6142 GCAA Dance Apr 2015

Profile of Keith Williams (Video)

GN6A4679 Keith Williams GN6A4655 Keith Williams           . On March 20, 2015, Mr. Keith Williams agreed to discuss GCAA's Dance and Theater Departments with me. What resulted was a 30 minute video interview touching on each of the following topics:
  • 0:00 “The Power of One” Commentary from March 2014, and other examples of teaching
  • 2:08 Sources of motivation
  • 2:56 Background and training
  • 5:10 Career Highlights 6:15 About Teaching at GCAA
  • 8:02 Art and Social Justice
  • 9:40 Key moments in GCAA Dance/Theater
  • 11:40 What makes for a successful GCAA Dance/Theater student?
  • 14:00 Evolution of GCAA Dance/Theater Programs
  • 16:20 Developing Middle School Talent
  • 18:38 What have GCAA students taught you?
  • 21:07 “The Ties that Bind.”
  • 25:30 Ballet as a foundation for dance
  • 26:30 GCAA Theater Department
  • 29:50 Looking Forward
The following video also contains more than 200 images from the past two years of GCAA Dance and Theater classes and performances. GN6A4645 Keith Williams   Videography, video editing and photography by Erich Vieth.