Give STL Day Thank You

Yesterday was Give STL Day.  The GCAA Fund participated in this event on behalf of the school.  Give STL Day is a special day set aside to help nonprofits raise much needed funds.  We greatly appreciate everyone who donated and helped spread the word to others about Give STL Day and giving to the GCAA Fund.  Special thanks to Dianne Gray who went above and beyond by manning the phone bank at the Give STL Day HQ when their online payment system went down so that donors could still call in their donations.  Also special thanks to Antonio Mosley, our first graduate of GCAA, for his help in creating videos to reflect what happens at GCAA.  If you missed the videos from yesterday you can click on the links below.  If you didn't get a chance to make a donation to the GCAA Fund you can still do so by putting your donation in an envelope and placing it in the GCAA Fund box located in the Main Office of the school.  Every dollar helps and no amount is too small.   STEM Theater Choir Dance Musical Theater Visual Arts

Board of Directors announces leadership reorganization

In a memo to parents and staff of Confluence Charter Schools dated January 5, 2016, the executive committee of the Board of Directors announced changes in the management structure of the Resource Office.
The memo states:
As the new calendar year begins, the Board of Directors of Confluence Charter Schools wants to thank all employees for your wonderful, dedicated work on behalf of our students. In the three plus years since Confluence has separated from the Edison Management Company, our network of schools has made huge progress that is visible in our buildings and in the continual improvement of student success and achievement. We look forward to a successful and productive semester ahead due in large measure to the leadership within our buildings and within the Resource Office. As you may be aware, the Confluence Board of Directors and the Confluence leadership team are in the process of completing a comprehensive strategic plan. Part of the plan involved a team of staff and parents who identified a number of strategic focus areas to drive Confluence’s work in the years ahead. Additionally, the Board hired an accounting firm last fall to advise us on possible courses of action to maximize Confluence’s financial stability and to get the most value from the money we have to educate our students. The Board is in the process of reviewing these newly proposed strategic focus areas, as well as the recommendations from Clifton Larson Allen, the accounting firm hired to review our financial situation. In order to effectively and efficiently move forward in evaluating and implementing the new strategic plan, the Board is in the process of reorganizing the resource office management team. The primary change will involve appointing a chief executive officer (CEO), who will be responsible for all aspects of the Confluence network of schools and will report directly to the Board. All other Confluence employees will report to the CEO, and the CEO will be the only employee reporting directly to the Board. We will be posting the CEO position over the next few weeks and will conduct a thorough search for the right individual to fill this role, which will oversee all aspects of the schools and be the public face of Confluence Charter Schools. We anticipate having a permanent CEO in place by July 1, 2016. To help the Board and the leadership team with important decisions that need to be made this spring semester, we are in the process of hiring an interim CEO to begin as soon as possible. This individual will not be a candidate for the permanent CEO position, yet will be an experienced school leader capable of directing Confluence over the next six months. As another step in the reorganization of the Confluence management team, the Board has asked Jeff Kuntze to serve as our chief financial officer (CFO). We are delighted that he has agreed to serve as CFO. He will be responsible for overseeing the restructuring of our current debt, for investigating and recommending processes to allow the Board to purchase some of our currently leased buildings, and for working with the CEO to prepare the budget for Confluence, including separate budgets for each school. Mr. Kuntze’s strong financial credentials are a huge asset to Confluence. Most of the other decisions regarding the reorganization of the Confluence leadership team will be deferred until the interim CEO is in place, but some time ago, Terry Noble informed the Board he plans to retire at the end of this coming school year. The Board has asked Mr. Noble if he could remain in his position until the beginning of the next school year so he can help recruit and train his replacement, and so he can work alongside him or her over the upcoming summer. We are pleased that Mr. Noble has agreed to this arrangement and we look forward to his continued service over the next six months. We plan to introduce the interim CEO to the staff and parents in the next couple of weeks. We will share further information about the reorganization of the leadership of the Resource Office as the semester continues. Again, we offer all staff and parents best wishes for 2016 and we look forward to continuing to make lasting improvements for all the Confluence schools during the upcoming year.

GCAA to Sell Discounted Metro Passes for Students

In just a few short days school will be starting for the 2014-2015 school year.  We are all very excited to see everyone again and meet all the new students for another great year at GCAA. In preparation for the upcoming year we have partnered with Metro to sell metro passes on consignment from the school.  Middle school students can purchase a 2-hour-10 ticket pass for $21 that can be used Monday-Friday only.  High school students can also purchase the weekly ride passes if they need to, but high school students can also purchase a semester pass for $175. Since we are selling these passes on consignment, you can pay cash or money order made payable to GCAA.  Payments will be accepted in the front office. The program does require that the student carry a student ID with them at all times while using the passes on the Metro.  As you know we don't have student IDs but have worked with Metro to allow us to use a makeshift ID that will be provided to your student at time of purchase until we can find a better way to produce student ID's in house.

If you are interested in purchasing one of  these passes please complete the Google form by clicking on the link below.  If you are unable to access the form or have questions please email Mr. Klein at

Click Here for Google Form

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kids’ Kabaret: A Broadway Inspired Benefit for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center

Congratulations Marissa Pineda for your participation in such a great event for a great cause.  Marissa, a student at GCAA, represented the school and St. Louis youth in a benefit event for children with severe and chronic illnesses. St. Louis, Missouri - On August 2, at 7:30 p.m., a performance entitled Kids' Kabaret: A Broadway Inspired Benefit for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center will be held at the beautiful Ivory Theatre at 7620 Michigan Ave, St Louis, MO 63111. Sam Poon is turning thirteen years old, and instead of a party, he is returning to St. Louis from NYC to perform in a show with many of his friends to raise money for the hospital that saved his life as an infant. Sam suffered from pertussis (whooping cough) and was septic as a young infant thus suffering a cardiac arrest. The doctors and nurses at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center saved his life. Rather than receiving gifts for his first teenage birthday, he would much rather give a gift for the children of SSM Cardinal Glennon. Sam Poon( Les Miserables Nat'l Tour, Billy Elliot Nat'l Tour, Macbeth) has an extensive background in performance, having started performing at the MUNY at age six, then going on to National Tours, Broadway, Carnegie Hall, The David Letterman Show, national commercials, and recently a feature film entitled Boychoir starring Dustin Hoffman. Christian Probst( Disney's The Little Mermaid Papermill Playhouse), a drama student at Yale University, and actor with extensive local and regional credits, will be the Master of Ceremonies and host for the evening. Joining Sam by donating their time and talents to the performance are: Maria Knasel( Billy Elliot, White Christmas National Tours), Maddie Barnes(Billy Elliot National Tours),Jenna Iacono (How the Grinch Stole Christmas Nat'l Tours, voice of Libby Light Sprite on Nickelodeon's Wallykazam), Simone Daley, Abbie Pineda, Marissa Pineda, Grace Jegle, Caroline Robinson, Evan Robinson, Rosie Page, Maddie Wansong, William Poon, and Ellie Poon. These children have performed at The MUNY, STAGES St. Louis, The Repertory Theater, National Broadway Tours and Opera Theatre of St. Louis. The show will consist of musical theater songs and dances from beloved shows such as Nine, Working, Hairspray, A Christmas Story, Annie Get Your Gun and Disney's The Jungle Book. The cost of the event is $25 per ticket. All proceeds go directly to SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.

Special Sun Theater Gala Ticket Prices for GCAA Parents

To allow more families to attend the Sun Theater Opening Gala we have created a special ticket price for our families.  The regular seating price has been reduced from $100 to NOW $50 per ticket.  This is just for parents only.  This special is not for the general public.

If you are interested in purchasing a discounted ticket please complete the form attached.  You can send it with your student, email or fax it to the school.  The catch is that you must purchase your ticket no later than 12 NOON on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

We are looking forward to sharing this very special evening with you!

For more information please contact John Klein at