GCAA 9th Grade Physics Students Study How to Slow Down Falling Eggs

GCAA Physics teacher Alicia Dunn invited me to her 9th Grade Class to watch her students figure out how to slow down falling eggs.  There is a serious reason to study deacceleration - - it's the principle on which air bags work.  The supplies given to the students were extremely limited (see the instructions here and here). And then the eggs fell.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time in the end, except for the eggs, who were smiling earlier on.  

GCAA Freshman Ashton Patterson to Exhibit at Shaw Art Fair

15-year old GCAA Freshman Ashton Patterson will be exhibiting his work at the Fall 2017  Shaw Art Fair, a large juried art fair held annually in the Shaw Neighborhood.
Ashton has been interested in photography for a few years.  He  took his first photography class in the 2017 spring semester at GCAA.  His interest peaked last summer when his family's food truck was hired to feed the band members of Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin back stage at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.  Ashton took a photo of two members of Breaking Ben wearing the family's food truck's tee shirts and received many compliments on the composition. Realizing that he could do so much more with a "real" camera than he could with is iPhone, a spark ignited.
After having several photos selected for the GCAA Art Show, Ashton began thinking about participating in larger venues.  Since his family has always attended the Shaw Art Fair and has purchased many pieces there, this was a natural goal.  Ashton submitted four of his photos to be reviewed by the jury and was one of 12 photographers accepted out of more than 20 applicants.  The average score of the selected photographers was 16.6; Ashton scored 17.  Applicants come from all over the US, including some international artists.  Ashton's mother has been told by several people associated with the Historic Shaw Art Fair that Ashton is the youngest artist ever to be selected.
Congratulations to Ashton!
[Information for this story provided by Kimberly Patterson].

GCAA Students in Orbit over upcoming experiments

A team of GCAA eighth grade students coached by GCAA teachers teachers Andrew Goodin, Luke Stegmann and Alicia Dunn are featured in this KSDK Channel 5 story.   The students have been chosen to send experiments into outer space! As detailed in this article at the Confluence site:
GCAA, in partnership with Enterprise in Space, is sending student experiments into space on a rocket. The launch is May 20 from the Spaceport in New Mexico.

GCAA’s Brandon Riley Nominated for Best Performance Award by Arts for Life

GCAA's Matt Frederickson & Lisa Kaczmarczyk received the following letter from Kimberly Klick, who is on the Board of Directors of Arts for Life:

ARTS FOR LIFE is recognizing Brandon Riley with a nomination for our 18th BrandonRiley-Theater-212x300AnnualBest Performance Awards for Community Musical Theatre.  This year’s nominations have selected Brandon for his award worthy achievement of Best Direction of a Youth Musical Production for the musical Oliver! by St. Louis Summer Players. Over 1,338 participants were eligible for nominations this year.  ARTS FOR LIFE is dedicated to recognizing, supporting and promoting community theatre in the Metro-St. Louis area.  We salute these volunteers and encourage their talent that only enriches our community and our culture.

We would like your help in congratulating Brandon on this outstanding accomplishment.  If you have a newsletter, please consider an article about his artistic endeavors.  A portion of our press release follows below.  You may check our website for information about our organization: www.arsforlife.org.

The awards event is open to the public, and production numbers from many nominated shows will be presented to showcase the “Best of the Best” from last year’s musical theatre productions.  We would love to have Brandon’s associates present to show support.

Please also consider purchasing an advertisement in our program to congratulate Brandon on this outstanding achievement. Rates are listed on the enclosed flyer. Deadline is May 9th. Your advertisement would reach 650+ arts patrons/performers at our event and over 1200 through our newsletter, website & social media campaigns. We are very proud of all the people who volunteer their time to bring the Arts to the St. Louis community, and hope that you will help us recognize their efforts.  From this collaborative endeavor, we all win in the long run—and it is, indeed, a fun run!

Thank you for your consideration.


Kimberly Klick

AFL Board of Directors

AFL provided this information about the 18th Annual Best Performance Awards, to be held June 11, 2017. Arts for Life Describes itself as follows:

As we watch music education and theatre programs rapidly die in our schools, the need to keep community theatre alive is more important now, than ever. ARTS FOR LIFE, a non-profit organization with the mission of “Making A Dramatic Difference”, is passionate about the healing power of the performing arts, and is proud to salute, support, and serve the theatre groups in the Metro-St. Louis area. ARTS FOR LIFE is dedicated to promoting public awareness of local community theatre, encouraging excellence in the arts, and acknowledging the incredible people who are a part of it. ARTS FOR LIFE is also committed to supporting charitable programs in helping children, the under-served, and the community.

Each year, ARTS FOR LIFE conducts a special event, The Best Performance Awards for community musical threatre. This event is to recognize the incredible talent we have in St. Louis community theatre, and honor the passion and dedication of those who build this amazing, and unique theatrical community.

Arts for Life Sponsorship Form

University of Missouri Graphic Design Student Features GCAA Artists in “Audio Chroma”

For several weeks, Matt Washausen of UMSL (University of Missouri - St. Louis) worked with high school students from Grand Center Arts Academy as part of his senior thesis.   The result was: "Audio Chroma."  In the following video, Washausen discusses his work during the December 16, 2016 exhibition of Audio Chroma at UMSL Fine Arts Building Gallery. img_4780audio-chroma-gcaa   img_4774audio-chroma-gcaa img_4779audio-chroma-gcaa  

Vibes – Winter Dance Concert

The GCAA Dance Department electrified the Sun Theater on a cold Friday night, presenting its Winter Concert, titled "Vibes." The cast of many is spelled out in the official program for the event. Congratulations is in order to all of the talented dancers, as well as the GCAA Dance Faculty: Nicki Beier, Chivas Merchant-Buckman, Thomas Proctor, Danielle Sampson and Ashley L. Tate (Department Chair). Special recognition goes to Royce Martin, GCAA Music Pathway Student, who provided the live accompaniment for the first performance for the night, "Hotel California." There are many photos featured in this post, but keep in mind that there are many more photos from this event (more than 300 photos) featured in the GCAA Flickr Website.  gn6a4004-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4879-gcaa-dance-12-9-16 gn6a4097-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4060-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4072-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4216-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4214-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4047-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4547-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4365-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4260-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4340-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4395-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4481-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4560-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4611-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4813-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4236-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4194-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4037-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4690-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4596-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4298-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4528-gcaa-dance-samplesgn6a4803-gcaa-dance-samples  

GCAA Middle Schoolers bake up some ideas in Earth Science

20161202_120647 I'm posting this article to share pictures of projects my students did this week. As part is our Earth science lessons, they were assigned a strange geologic formation. I used the "Believe It or Not's" list of 25 strangest geologic formations. These are some of the projects that the kids came up with. They had to research and present them to the class. Some were edible so I don't have pictures of those because we ate them ????. The exception is Skaftafell, in Iceland, which is the double layer cake in the picture. We had the wherewithal to take a picture of it first. The other ones represented are Gibson's steps in Australia; Devils Tower in Wyoming; the Cave of Crystal in Mexico and the Puerto Princesa underground river in the Philippines. 20161202_152732 20161202_152953 20161202_152718 There were many additional projects, although some of the kids have already taken their projects home ...