Supply List & Recent Parent Bulletin

Here is a copy of the Parent Bulletin - August, 2012. Note: This Bulletin contains important information for beginning the 2012-2013 school year. It also includes a list of all faculty and staff members for the coming year. Here is the updated Supplies List (as of August 5, 2012): The following supplies are for middle-schoolers (6th – 8th graders) to give their homeroom teachers, so that there is a class set of each item; students do not need to carry these around with them: • Two or three Kleenex boxes • One pair of scissors • One protractor • Three glue sticks • Four-pack of dry-erase markers The rest of the supplies will belong to, and be the responsibility of, the individual student and should be either carried to class or kept locked in a locker. • Planner/assignment book – available from GCAA for $5 • One 3-ring binder, 3″ with subject dividers, OR four 1″ binders, one for each core subject • Three packs of loose-leaf paper, wide- or college-ruled, student preference • Eight 2-pocket, 3-pronged folders • Four single-subject spiral notebooks • Four composition notebooks • Scientific calculator (Upper math classes will require a graphing calculator) – suggested models (cost $5-$15) are TI-30models (XA, XIIS, XS) and Casio • One large 3-ring pencil pouch • Two dozen pencils (Ticonderoga suggested) • Two large erasers • Four colored ball-point pens (red and green) • Twelve blue or black ball-point pens • One set of 12 colored pencils • Three highlighters • One 12″ standard/metric combination ruler • One package of 3 x 5 in. lined index cards • Two packages of Post-It notes – small squares, any color Please note that consumable supplies (pencils, paper, spirals, etc) may need to be replaced throughout the year. Special Note: Additional supplies may be added to this list per teacher request when school begins. The following are required IN ADDITION TO the generic list above, per grade level: 6th Grade: Trapper Keeper or zip binder 7th Grade: Enclosed pencil sharpener One package of graph paper Poster board throughout the year for Science and Social Studies 8th Grade: Enclosed pencil sharpener Trapper-Keeper or zip binder One additional 3-ring binder for math Book cover for Social Studies book HIGH SCHOOL: 9th Grade: Kleenex One pair of scissors One protractor One compass A Scientific or Graphing calculator (Casio makes one in the $40-45 range) One package of graph paper One package of construction paper Four-pack of dry-erase markers Two reams of yarn (different colors) One roll of masking tape