GCAA Teacher Christine Nobbe Receives Challenger Learning Center award

When she was 10, she knew she wanted to be a teacher. Her interest in space grew from watching the Apollo 11 space rocket land on the moon. “I was riveted to the TV the day man walked on the moon.” Fast forward to present day, and Christine Nobbe, instructional coach at Grand C Nobbe_GCAA Jan 2017 smallCenter Arts Academy, is being recognized as a 2017 Challenger Learning Center Inspiring Teacher. She is among seven teachers who will be awarded in honor of the seven Challenger astronauts who were set to go into space on January 28, 1986, but the spacecraft exploded during the launch. The space shuttle flight included Christa McAuliffe, who would have been the first teacher to go into space. Nobbe has been an educator for 38 years, working in districts both small and large. She was a gifted education specialist in the Rockwood School District before retiring in 2013. She joined GCAA in 2015 as an instructional coach. Her responsibilities range from helping new teachers to curriculum development to guiding gifted students. For entire article, visit the Confluence Site.