Vibes – Winter Dance Concert

The GCAA Dance Department electrified the Sun Theater on a cold Friday night, presenting its Winter Concert, titled "Vibes." The cast of many is spelled out in the official program for the event. Congratulations is in order to all of the talented dancers, as well as the GCAA Dance Faculty: Nicki Beier, Chivas Merchant-Buckman, Thomas Proctor, Danielle Sampson and Ashley L. Tate (Department Chair). Special recognition goes to Royce Martin, GCAA Music Pathway Student, who provided the live accompaniment for the first performance for the night, "Hotel California." There are many photos featured in this post, but keep in mind that there are many more photos from this event (more than 300 photos) featured in the GCAA Flickr Website.  gn6a4004-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4879-gcaa-dance-12-9-16 gn6a4097-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4060-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4072-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4216-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4214-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4047-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4547-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4365-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4260-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4340-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4395-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4481-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4560-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4611-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4813-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4236-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4194-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4037-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4690-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4596-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4298-gcaa-dance-samples gn6a4528-gcaa-dance-samplesgn6a4803-gcaa-dance-samples