2016 APR scores for Grand Center Arts Academy

Please post the following announcement about APR scores on the GCAA website, verbatim, by the end of the day: Results are in – 2016 APR scores for Grand Center Arts Academy Today, November 7, 2016, the results of annual performance reports, or the annual report cards for school districts, are public. The statewide results are lead stories in local news, and we have good news to share – the APR scores place Grand Center Arts Academy in accredited range. GCAA, as a local education agency, scored 77.1 percent. The score is less than last year’s 84.3 percent, but our school remains accredited. Confluence Academy, as a local education agency, earned provisional status with a score of 54.6 percent; in 2015, the score was 43.2 percent, a rating of unaccredited. Please remember that although charter schools receive APR scores by the state, charter schools do not legally fall under the accreditation process by DESE. APR scores are in addition to the legal performance contract with sponsors. Our good news is posted online, along with the fact sheets and individual school reports from DESE -http://www.confluenceacademy.org/apps/news/article/634656