Senior UMSL student partners with GCAA Graphic Design students for project & show: Audio Chroma

gn6a2793-matt-umsl USML design student, Matthew Washausen, has decided to focus his senior thesis on the connection of a music and design. By pairing GCAA Graphic Design students and local musicians, students will create responses to music's influence on creativity and design, which will then be presented at an event in the Fine Arts Building on UMSL's campus.
"Music can be a very important aspect in design. It is influential to our ideas, thoughts and daily life activities. The inspiration and influence music has on my design is tremendous: I believe the experience of pairing design students with local musicians to create responses is a major opportunity for students with design interest to receive mentorship. With having the event at UMSL we hope to encourage students to find interest in exploring graphic design in college." - Matthew Washausen
The event, Audio Chroma: The Power of Music & Design, will be held at the University of Missouri- St. Louis in the Fine Arts Building on Friday, December 16th from 6:00-10:00pm. gn6a2790-matt-umsl This will be an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their design work and discuss their results with family, friends, peers, and design students of UMSL. This event will demonstrate the importance that music has on design and uniting a community through graphic design.