GCAA Student becomes St. Louis FIRST youth Poet Laureate!

Congratulations to Bisa Adero who became St. Louis's FIRST youth poet Laureate on Friday night! She competed with 36 St. Louis area poets and will now serve as a representative of youth poetry in a range of events this year. It is a huge honor and we're all tremendously proud of her.  The first picture attached is from Friday night, when her title was given. She is with Michael Castro, St. Louis's poet laureate. The other photo was taken today (October 17, 2016) bisa-hererra bisa-castro, when she got to meet (alongside many other important figures including East St. Louis's poet laureate and Missouri's poet laureate) Juan Felipe Hererra, who is the current US poet laureate! After Bisa read two of her works, Juan read some of his works, and repeatedly referenced Bisa's talents and the power of her poems.