GCAA’s First Graduating Class

It was, indeed, a beautiful evening at the Sun Theater, packed with family and friends.   It was time to meet the first ever graduating class of GCAA.  The program for the evening can be found here.  GN6A1344 GCAA grad GN6A1325 GCAA grad By the end of the night, there were the new graduates, of course.   But there were also some impressive statistics cited by Head of School, Matt Frederickson:

I cannot be more proud of our first senior class and all that they have accomplished.  We wish them well in their future endeavors and are so thankful for all they have contributed to the life and vision of this school.  At our first graduation, we learned that of this senior class, 99% graduated and 88% have plans for post-secondary study while earning nearly a million dollars in scholarship offers.  Educating our children for a successful future is important and influential work. I want to recognize our AMAZING staff and their daily contributions in providing the richest experience possible for our students.

A special treat for the GCAA community was the attendance of all three original members of the GCAA Administration:  Dan Rubright, Laura Hoffman and Lynne Glickert. GN6A1319 GCAA grad GN6A1649 GCAA grad But the new graduates stole the show.  There will never again be a first ever graduating class for GCAA, which made the evening all the more special. GN6A1298 GCAA gradGN6A1309 GCAA gradGN6A1521 GCAA grad GN6A1428 GCAA grad GN6A1538 GCAA grad In addition to the following clickable photo thumbnails, even more photos are available at the GCAA Flickr page.