Who’s playing the piano?

Amid the sounds of a choir warming its collective voice in one room, and an orchestra rehearsing new music in a different room, the distinct sound of a piano drifts into a hall at Grand Center Arts Academy.
Inside the orchestra room, piano music greets you at the door, but the piano is nowhere in plain sight. Who’s playing the piano? Where? R Martin_GCAA_piano 1 Behind a door is a space the size of a storage closet. The walls are painted beige and yellow, and are mostly bare. There’s enough room for an upright piano, a stool, a music stand and a student desk. Royce Martin, brow furrowed, is seated at the piano in deep concentration, his finger racing across the keys. He’s playing the music that’s in his head. It’s not written on the notebook-sized white board perched in front of him. There’s no sheet music on the stand. It’s just him, the piano and the music. [See Full Article at the Confluence site]