Images from GCAA – Photo Gallery

For several years I've served as webmaster and content provider for the GCAA website. It never fails to energize and delight me to gather images like these, images of students and teachers working hard, yet simultaneously celebrating all that GCAA has become in six short years. Many of us were there as students or parents of 6th or 7th graders back in 2010 when GCAA opened doors. The school now serves grades grades 6 through 12, at a watershed moment:  GCAA's seniors are preparing to graduate and move on to the next phases of their lives now filled with intense training in both academics and art. These photos are small sampling of the many happenings at this magically vibrant community in Grand Center.  GCAA is an experiment that has proven wildly successful in many ways, as demonstrated by the inspiring stories about the graduating seniors and also by these images. The following photos are all from yesterday.  Carol York's 6th Grade science class was busy preparing for a field trip at Forest Park. GN6A1042 GCAA Misc GN6A1039 GCAA Misc GN6A1037 GCAA Misc Over in the 7th grade area, Lauren Campbell teaches geometry to her students: GN6A1071 GCAA Misc GN6A1069 GCAA Misc GN6A1064 GCAA Misc Here's another photo from yesterday: Graduating GCAA senior, JuJu Vieth, shares a light moment with Denise Farnworth, her sixth grade math teacher--that year of 2010 JuJu was part of GCAA's first ever 6th grade class. As a parent, it has been one of my favorite things about Grand Center Arts Academy to see so many of the teachers mentoring their students long term. GN6A1056 GCAA Misc Down another couple floors, an art studio filled with students was quietly working on their painting techniques: GN6A1103 GCAA Misc GN6A1101 GCAA Misc GN6A1097 GCAA Misc GN6A1092 GCAA Misc GN6A1093 GCAA Misc GN6A1086 GCAA Misc GN6A1084 GCAA Misc There is no way to fully understand GCAA. It is an ever-changing ultra-creative community filled with energy, much of it young, diverse and kind-hearted, exporing new modes of expression in every day. Every moment at GCAA is merely one more piece of a mesmerizing and ever-expanding mosaic. GN6A1083 GCAA Misc