Update on GCAA Chess Team

Over the weekend, 7 members of the GCAA chess team competed in the U.S. chess Federation's High School National Championships in Atlanta, Georigia. Held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Atlanta, the tourney had over 1000 chess players from all over the country in six sections, divided by player ratings. GCAA players competed in the Under 1200 and Under 800 sections. In the Under 1200 section, freshman Christopher Corriveau & eighth grader Sophia Brieler received individual recognition for tying for 30th place with 5.0 wins each. Sophomore Isaac Zimmerman rounded out the group with 2.0 points. GCAA Chess - Apr 6 GCAA's under 800 team placed 12th their division, bringing home a new trophy for the school. Team leader Galen Selligman, sophomore, received an individual trophy for his performance, tying for 20th place; freshman Lillian Selligman & eighth grader Gabe Gibert scored 4.5 points each; and sophomore Katlyn Miller contributed 2.0 points. The GCAA Chess Team is completing its fourth year under the leadership of parent coach Jay Brieler, with assistance from Lisa Selligman & other chess parents. Story by Lisa Seligman