GCAA Chess Team Excels at Gateway Team Tournament

First things first! Yesterday, the team competed in the Gateway Team Tournament at Pattonville High School. This is really two tournaments in one: the Team section pits teams of 5 students against each other head-to-head. Wins and losses are determined on the basis of the weighted scores of individual players. Chess 1 chess 2 The 9th & under Team won the division, and each of the 5 players also brought home an individual trophy for the competition on their individual board. Members of the team included Mila Schmidt, Board 5 First Place; Gabe Gibert, Board 4 Second Place; Lillian Selligman, Board 3 Second Place; Chris Corriveau, Board 2 First Place; and Sophie Brieler, Board 1, Second place. We also fielded a number of players in the Individual Section of the Tournament: Marlana Brueggemann, Eva Miller, Joseph Miller and Katlyn Miller all played. Tenth Grader Kyree Hamilton received a medal for his 3/4 performance.