Commendations for GCAA students

On January 12, 2016, Head of School Matt Frederickson received this email from Mr. Drew Schwartz of Education Plus: Good morning, The Confluence, Ferguson-Florissant, Ritenour and Hazelwood School Districts shined brightly on Friday and Saturday as your amazing student leaders (Desiree, Jaylen, Joe, Mekaila and Shawn) helped lead the Rochester NY community in constructive dialogue about race. Thank you so much for your leadership in ensuring that these amazing young men and women were provided with the time and supports to make such a trip. Clearly, you and your school districts are doing an exemplary job in cultivating student leaders poised to show the nation a positive, forward-thinking version of our community which can catalyze positive national changes. The Rochester community legitimately was in awe of your students and many friendships were formed during our short trip.  Please see the video below, produced by Mekaila, a senior at Ritenour High School, for a sneak peak into the trip.  A special thanks also goes out to Confluence’s Dr. Jim Walters for graciously helping to lead the trip. Additionally, your students garnered media attention from the Rochester community for their work. Please see these links (herhere and here) for a few examples.