Notice of Tentative Election Results and Timeline for Filing Objections

NOTICE OF TENTATIVE ELECTION RESULTS AND RE: TIMELINE FOR FILING OBJECTIONS Notice of Tentative Election Results and Timeline for Filing Objections PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that an Election regarding an Exclusive Representative, in accordance with Policy and Regulation 4832, was held on December 4, 2015 in the cafeteria at GCAA. The election was overseen by The League of Women Voters, a neutral third party. Tentative Election Result. The tentative result indicated an outcome in favor of representation by the Union, American Federation of Teachers. The results will remain tentative until the Board votes to certify the results. The Board’s decision will be final. Objections to Election. Policy and Regulation 4832 provide for a brief period of time in which any employee in the proposed unit may file with Confluence an objection to the conduct of the election or conduct affecting the results of the election. Such objections must be filed with Confluence in accordance with Board Policy and Regulation 4832, including a short plain written statement of the reasons for the Objection. Timeline for Objections. Policy and Regulation 4832 provide a period of ten (10) business days after the votes are tallied for the filing of Objections. That timeline would, however, extend to December 18, which is after the next regularly scheduled Board meeting date of December 17th. In light of the tentative election results, the lack of Challenged Ballots, and the date of the next upcoming Board meeting, the timeline for Objections has been reduced to six (6) business days; i.e., until the end of the day on Monday, December 14, 2015. Applicable Policy. The Notice is conducted under the authority of Confluence Policy and Regulation 4832. The Policy and Regulation are available online at: Additional Information. Employees with any question or inquiry regarding this matter should address it to: Mr. Terry Noble, Director of Human Resources, Confluence Charter Schools.