Help Support Our Visual Artists

Family & Friends

We want to make sure that our students have the materials they need to succeed, so Mrs. Munguia has created a request for materials through Visual Arts Materials. What is neat about this organization is that from now through September 20th, 2015 they will MATCH all donations (up to $100) when you use the promo code SPARK.  You can follow the link or read below to find out more about our project.  We thank you in advance for your support!

My Students

I want to give my students everything they need to be successful as artists and students. In doing this sufficiently, we need the resources to create and print projects.
My students are the most vibrant, passionate young artists in our city.
In the diverse school setting they call home, students thrive on each others' creativity and expression. Their potential is uncapped. My goal is to enhance that by providing a rich variety of materials and resources that are relevant to their future.

Our Project

Students will use materials such as digital drawing tablets, high gloss photo paper and ink cartridges, to create and print their projects. In a digital art classroom, it is magical to see your artwork printed, more-so, hanging in the halls of your school or in the windows of your community. Printing is expensive, but very necessary in aiding student growth, reflection, and portfolios.
Your donation towards this project is two-fold.
Printing in-house allows us to be cost-effective, freeing up our budget for valuable learning experiences such as field trips, job shadowing, and portfolio reviews.