About the GCAA Flickr website

Check out the Flickr icon at the bottom of the GCAA homepage.  It looks like this: Flickr Clicking on that button takes you to the GCAA Flickr Page.  That link unlocks a huge number of photos spanning the entire existence of GCAA (2010 to the present), totaling more than 4,300 high quality images.  I have divided this vast number of photos into 17 photo albums that can be seen by clicking on the Flickr link called Albums.   The earliest Flickr photos regarding GCAA can be found in the album called "Early GCAA Photos."   Other Albums cover the various art pathways and other areas of interest. I took the vast majority of these photos, but many of them were taken by my daughter, JuJu Vieth (now a GCAA 12th Grader).  Some of the photos were taken by GCAA Visual Arts teacher Jess Dewes. I sometimes hear from people who assure me that the GCAA Flickr site is configured to prevent downloads. That is not the case. GCAA students, teachers and others have been making ample use of these downloads for years.  In this post, I will explain how visitors to the GCAA Flickr site can download a photo.
On a PC:  
1.Go to any photo and click on it to make it fill your screen.  Notice the downward pointing arrow over a line icon on the bottom right of the image.  That's the download icon.  Click it.
2. It offers you many resolutions/sizes of that photo.  Choose one.
3. That brings up a save dialogue box.
4. Decide what to call the photo and where to save it.
One a Mac:
Steps 1 and 2 are the same.
3. That downloads your photo to a place where you have pre-specified on a Mac as to where all your downloads will be saved.