Teachers Welcome Back GCAA Students

Welcome back faculty photo 2015-2016 It's been a short summer according to most everyone I've spoken to, but the GCAA teachers are ready for the return of their students.  This year promises to be extra-exciting in that GCAA will have its first-ever high school graduation ceremony in only nine short months--this is the first year in which there is a twelfth grade class.  Back in 2010, GCAA consisted of only a 6th and 7th grade, so this school has seen some incredible growth in six short years. Kudos to Visual Arts Teacher (and professional photographer) Jess Dewes for this faculty photo, an image bursting with energy and anticipation.  To quote Ms. Dewes from the email she sent me: " . . . Hey there...this photo is pretty stinkin' cute . . ."  Yes, indeed.

Classes begin August 17th bright and early!

teachers await promo