Profile of Keith Williams (Video)

GN6A4679 Keith Williams GN6A4655 Keith Williams           . On March 20, 2015, Mr. Keith Williams agreed to discuss GCAA's Dance and Theater Departments with me. What resulted was a 30 minute video interview touching on each of the following topics:
  • 0:00 “The Power of One” Commentary from March 2014, and other examples of teaching
  • 2:08 Sources of motivation
  • 2:56 Background and training
  • 5:10 Career Highlights 6:15 About Teaching at GCAA
  • 8:02 Art and Social Justice
  • 9:40 Key moments in GCAA Dance/Theater
  • 11:40 What makes for a successful GCAA Dance/Theater student?
  • 14:00 Evolution of GCAA Dance/Theater Programs
  • 16:20 Developing Middle School Talent
  • 18:38 What have GCAA students taught you?
  • 21:07 “The Ties that Bind.”
  • 25:30 Ballet as a foundation for dance
  • 26:30 GCAA Theater Department
  • 29:50 Looking Forward
The following video also contains more than 200 images from the past two years of GCAA Dance and Theater classes and performances. GN6A4645 Keith Williams   Videography, video editing and photography by Erich Vieth.