GCAA experiences water-less flood

Earlier this month, GCAA experienced a flood, but no water was involved.  It was a "photo-flood" perpetrated by Photo Flood STL.  Here's what this organization does, based on its About Page:

St. Louis once had an extremely vibrant and internationally recognized photographic community. Photo Flood Saint Louis is interested in helping to reestablish that connection between photographers, and exists as a platform for photographic expression capable of reaching a wide audience.

Photo Flood Saint Louis has an enormous amount of pride for St. Louis. We are very interested in improving the perception of STL, which we do by emphasizing what makes each neighborhood that we photograph, and every organization that we partner with, special. The opportunity to share what we love about the city is what brings us together each month, when we invade parts of town to record it in a surge of imagery.  Before each Flood, a map is drawn and parameters are set for the group to cover.  After the event, a selection of the best images are uploaded here.

With that introduction, you are invited to visit the Photo Flood of GCAA.