GCAA Photographers out in the Field

Last week the GCAA photography class taught by Ms. Jess Dewes took a field trip to Ferguson-Katzman Photography Studio located in midtown, St. Louis, walking distance from GCAA.
P1000317 GCAA photography-Vieth

Photo by Jess Dewes

At the FK website, one can read this description of the company:

We are a community of like-minded creative professionals who have come together under one roof to create visual and audio content that serve the ever growing needs of businesses and nonprofit organizations.  We emphasize quality, professionalism and attention to detail.  We also like to have fun.


Photo by Jess Dewes

Ms. Jess Dewes commented: "The whole photo mentor experience has been amazing, but when the kids actually get to visit and/or interact with their mentors, that's when it gets totally real for them.  I loved watching Mark [Katzman], Paul [Nordman], and Ashley [Gieseking] as they chatted with their GCAA student counterparts at the studio. It warmed my heart and I know the kids had an amazing time being in the studio with such amazing photographers."

Photo by Jess Dewes

P1000293 GCAA photography-Vieth

Photo by Erich Vieth

The GCAA photo class also went on a short field trip to the International Photography Hall of Fame a few weeks ago to view the new exhibit entitled, "Strength and Compassion." Ms. Dewes expressed "many thanks to the director, John Nagel, for taking the time to give us a personal tour of the exhibit."

Photo by Jess Dewes

But there was even more exposure to professional photographers for the class.  Ms. Dewes explains: "

One of our mentors, Brian Cummings, came to visit and talk about his work with the kids on 1/29. He showed us his commercial photography and discussed his personal path in the field. He also donated a professional lens to our program and offered to return as a guest critic later this semester. Check out his amazing work at www.briancummings.com.


Photo by Jess Dewes

All photos in this article (and the gallery below) were taken by Ms. Jess Dewes, with the exception of those marked "Vieth," which were taken by Erich Vieth.