Nurturing Grit via Rubik’s Cubes

Rubik’s cubes are going viral at GCAA. As a supplement to the Makerspace: Make, Hack, Play curriculum, 7th & 8th grade students have been building spatial awareness, problem solving, and technical reading skills as they work to solve Rubik’s cube. Rubiks3 Thanks to sponsorship, each student in the course has been provided a Rubik’s Cube. Students mostly practice the cube during their free time, but have a 5-minute “quiz” in class each week to demonstrate progress. “It’s been exciting to see the collaborative learning. A few students will learn a technique and then share with their classmates to get everyone on board,” said Mr. Goodin, Makerspace teacher. Rubiks1 Solving a Rubik’s cube poses a unique hands-on challenge to students. It requires an immense level of patience. Because succeeding at a Rubik’s cube is so visual -students internalize the concept of practicing to learn. “It did like it at first. It made me angry and frustrated, but once you get one step you don’t want to stop,” said Kyran Walton, a GCAA 8th grader. Rubiks2 Learn more about the STEM skills associated with solving a Rubik’s cube here.