College Fail

On December 12, 2014, the High School Theater Department performed "13/14 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview" at the GCAA Black Box Theater. This was clearly a comedy from the first minute on, drawing many laughs from the audience. Here is the brochure of the production. The photos below are merely a sampling of the many photos available. To view all of the photos, visit the GCAA Flickr page, Theater Album (scroll to the bottom for the most recent photos).   IMG_3644 GCAA Theater IMG_3626 GCAA Theater IMG_3609 GCAA Theater IMG_3580 GCAA Theater IMG_3538 GCAA Theater IMG_3532 GCAA Theater IMG_3522 GCAA Theater IMG_3513 GCAA Theater IMG_3493 GCAA Theater IMG_3482 GCAA Theater   On Thursday, December 11, 2014, the Middle School Theater Department performed a reading adaptation of Antigone (Program here). Several photos are pasted in below but, again, visit the GCAA Flickr page for numerous additional photos. IMG_3704 GCAA Theater IMG_3696 GCAA Theater IMG_3668 GCAA Theater IMG_3685 GCAA Theater