The Great Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Contest – at Hallows Eve Concert

As part of the Hallows Eve/Fall Orchestra and Band Concert on Thursday, October 30th ( (beginning at 6:30 pm), there will be a Great Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Contest! First Prize : $50.00 CASH, Black Ribbon and a Special Treat Bag. Second Prize : $30.00 CASH, Orange Ribbon, and a Special Treat Bag Third Prize : $15.00 CASH, Green Ribbon, and a Special Treat Bag.

Contest Rules :

All contestants must fill out an entry form and indicate on the form if you want to be a part of the judging portion for one of the prizes. There are two separate categories; carved and decorated. There must be a separate entry form filled out and a fee paid if contestant chooses to enter both categories for eligibility of the prizes. Those that want to be a part of the adjudication and be eligible for one of the six prizes, will pay a $3.00 entry fee per pumpkin along with submission of the form. There is a two pumpkin per person, per category, limit. Contestants must be present to win! Pumpkin contest winners, in all categories, will be announced after the final number of the concert and must be present to win. Carved Pumpkins and Decorated Pumpkins Rules and limits. If you chose to enter a carved pumpkin they must be brought to GCAA the day of the concert. Students have the option of bringing their pumpkins to school in the morning and having them displayed throughout the building before the concert. Due to the possible damage that could occur, it is suggested that all carved pumpkin, entries arrive at GCAA by 6:30 PM. For general safety, no candles will be permitted. Only artificial light sources will be allowed. Any pumpkins with inappropriate images, drawings, language or anything of a negative or suggestive nature, will not be considered for the contest nor displayed to the general public. Pumpkin entries that have props or that have a need for electrical access must provide their own set-up and find the electrical resource themselves. All pumpkins must be picked up at the end of the concert. All remaining pumpkins will be donated or disposed of. For more information about this contest please contact Mr. Martin at Official application for entry is attached to this notice.