GCAA Dance meets GCAA Photography

Cummings garage II JJV Tenth grader JuJu Vieth and ninth grader Michael Cummings met back in 2010, on the first day GCAA opened its doors. Back then, Michael didn't yet know that he would embrace dancing as his art path. Back then, JuJu didn't know that she would be spending so many hours learning to be a photographer.  Back in 2010, neither of them knew that four years later they would meet in a parking garage so that JuJu (visual art path) could capture some of Michael's many dance moves.   This synergy between and among the various art paths increasingly seems to be defining GCAA. Cummings jump JJV A few months ago, Michael had suggested to JuJu that he would like to be photographed dancing in a parking garage. That became a reality two weeks ago, on May 18.  The day actually involved two photo shoots, the first of which was in the Cottonbelt Building on the Mississippi Riverfront.  Then they moved to a garage in Richmond Heights. This article contains some of the resulting photos from both locations.  All photos are by JuJu Vieth. Cummings outside Cottonbelt bldg JJV JuJu has been quietly accumulating photo shoots of various GCAA artists, and she intends to continue working up these GCAA profiles in order to improve her photography. Michael is getting ready to begin his summer internship with Alvin Ailey's Dance Troupe. Cummings reach up JJVCummings BandW side split JJV