GCAA Makerspace Creates Stronger Students

Story by GCAA student Demarco Saffold Makerspace founder Andrew Goodin believes that it has been an exciting year and next year will only get better. But what has the Makerspace done to our students? How has it influenced them not only when it comes to their work ethic, but personally. Goodin gave his students a survey asking how has the Makerspace benefited them. "The answers were pretty awesome," he said, "one student stated that they now see themselves in the future becoming engineers or scientists." IMG_7613 Lynne and Makerspace The students come in the Makerspace feeling unconfident about their skills, but walk out as stronger students and people. Dewon Dixon, a seventh grader, also gives his take on how the Makerspace has changed him. "When I first came to GCAA, I felt like I wouldn't be able to invent. But through my time working with Mr. Goodin, I realized that I am able to do whatever I want. I feel like I can help the world!" Dixon won award this school year at an Invention Competition. Out of 400 competitors, Dixon and Amara Bivins won honorable mention for a security system that took your picture when the sensor goes off. IMG_7586 Lynne and Makerspace Chase Doctor, an eighth grader, has also won an award for an invention of her own. She also gives insight on how the Makerspace strengthened her. "The Makerspace made me a stronger student because it has showed me how to work through the problems I encounter," she said. After providing a new creative outlet for many students this year, the Makerspace will return next year to help more students and inspire more efficient workers and inventors.