GCAA Dancers Take Over the Sun

IMG_6754 Dance Concert best of On May 13, 2014, the Dance Department of GCAA captivated a large enthusiastic audience at the newly renovated Sun Theater.   See the attached program for the event, titled "Dancing in the Sun."  More than 250 photos of the event can be viewed at the GCAA Flickr site.  View the photostream or choose the "Dance" set and scroll to the bottom for the most recent Dance photos. What you see in this article is only the tip of the iceberg. IMG_6443 Dance Concert best of IMG_6301 GCAA Dance Concert - May 2014 IMG_6544 GCAA Dance Concert - May 2014 IMG_6632 GCAA Dance Concert - May 2014 IMG_6675 GCAA Dance Concert - May 2014 After the event, Keith Williams of the GCAA Dance and Theater Department had this reaction: IMG_6730 Dance Concert best of IMG_6436 Dance Concert best of IMG_6353 Dance Concert best of What follows are some select photos, but please do visit the GCAA Flickr site for hundreds more.