The Sun shines at May 10 GCAA Gala

Gala encore - JJV

IMG_5609 GCAA Sun Gala - May 2014


IMG_5586 GCAA Sun Gala - May 2014

Those who attended know that it was an iconic moment for GCAA.  Some said that it was a day when expectations rose more than a notch for GCAA students, and they more than met expectations.  Everyone who attended saw that the Sun Theater is a treasure for this fledgling performing arts school.

IMG_5835 GCAA Sun Gala - May 2014

IMG_5813 GCAA Sun Gala - May 2014

IMG_5743 GCAA Sun Gala - May 2014

It was an incredible evening filled with excellent performances by all four of GCAA’s Arts Departments, including live on-stage performances by GCAA’s visual artists (Here is the evening’s program).  There is no way to recognize the efforts of everyone who made this evening a success, but these photos (more than 100 photos in the gallery below) will present many of the sights that so moved the audience. [Photos by Erich Vieth and by JuJu Vieth–JuJu’s photos contain her initials in each photo file name].

Keep in mind that all of these photos (and thousands of other GCAA photos) can be found at the GCAA Flickr site, organized into categories.  The Gala photos have been tagged with the phrase “Sun Gala.”

IMG_5567 GCAA Sun Gala - May 2014

IMG_5871 GCAA Sun Gala - May 2014


Addendum:  On May 22, 2014, Ray Sampson (husband of GCAA dance teacher Danielle Sampson) provided me with a link to a short video he made regarding the Gala: