GCAA Dancers help Open the PXSTL Space

Select GCAA dance students led by Chivas Merchant Buckman and Danielle Sampson performed a new work for the opening of the new PXSTL performance space across from the Pulitzer on May 9th. Chase Doctor, through the Makerspace, under Andrew Goodin’s facilitation, took the lead on designing technology based costuming that the dancers wore. The costumes included LED’s attached to arm and head bands, special pants, shoes, glow in the dark paint etc. The concept incorporated design thinking (STEAM) with the performing arts to create a new piece that speaks to the role of technology in our everyday lives. We hope you enjoy these photos some of which are time-lapse photos. All photos were taken by JuJu Vieth (those with her name in the title) or Erich Vieth. IMG_0344JJVPhotography_2014-mb - Copy   GCAA Performers from left to right:  Zaria McDonald, Joel Breeden, Anna Gonzales, Kaley Ford, Dani Crivello, Michael Cummings, Brianna Ford, Brittany Smack, Samiyyah White, Jonai Whitehorn [Photo by JuJu Vieth] Traces of GCAA promo Photo by JuJu Vieth IMG_0427JJVPhotography_2014 Photo by JuJu Vieth IMG_0555JJVPhotography_2014   Photo by JuJu Vieth         IMG_0363JJVPhotography_2014 Photo by JuJu Vieth IMG_5141 GCAA dancers with lights EVV Photo by Erich Vieth IMG_0492JJVPhotography_2014   Photo by JuJu Vieth Photos in the following gallery by JuJu Vieth (Marked as "JJVPhotography) and Erich Vieth.