GCAA Theater Department Presents: “The Girl in the Mirror”

IMG_3353 GCAA Theater Production On April 24, 2014, the GCAA Theater Department presented "The Girl in the Mirror" in the 6th Floor Theater. The Playbill is available here. See the thumbnails at the bottom of this article for photos from the performance. The cast included: Samantha: Sariah Henning Doctor: Senecyiama E Jackson Mrs. Douglas: Brenna M Joslin Susan Connors:Myasia A Kisart Dr. Richards: William Y Miskel-Barker Speaker: Antonio G Mosley Mother: Maria M Pena Bryan: Daniel Schmidt Father: Kawan D Yarbrough Dr. Allen: Rachel S Yarbrough IMG_3342 GCAA Theater Production According to Daniel Schmidt, "Working on The Girl in the Mirror was an amazing experience not only because it was an interesting and thrilling play, but also because Mr. Riley was able to push us in every way possible to improve us as actors and as people." By all means, the performance was a success. Theater Teacher and Director Brandon Riley commented, "I could not be more proud of this group of students, they are developing the understanding of work ethic and what it is to be an ensemble. They are also a great representation of the direction GCAA is headed, these are exciting times." The Girl in the Mirror Playbill IMG_3383 GCAA Theater Production