6th grade curriculum emphasizes the study of Earth Science

This article was written by Carol York, 6th Grade Science: The 2013-2014 school year has been busy for my 6th grade science classes.  The 6th grade curriculum emphasizes the study of Earth Science.  I’ve integrated STE(A)M (science, technology, engineering, art and math) into lessons where possible.  Our lessons include learning how the Earth was formed, and how it continuously changes shape.  We study rocks, soil and water as well as minerals, elements and atoms.  My students measure their smiles, calculate the half-life of isotopes and count how many drops of water fit on a penny.  They have learned to be good stewards of the land. Science Fair Science - York Science plate Science - York 4 students Science - York Assignments are as varied as writing weekly current event articles (non-fiction, science related text) to being part of a task force to help the Lorax solve “Onecler created” environmental problems.  Students learned the scientific method and then designed their own experiments.  They’ve had competitions to see who could create the tallest tower using only two pieces of paper and who could create the most earthquake resistant structure using Jello, marshmallows and toothpicks. students at table Science - York test tube experiment Science - York tissue experiment Science - York students at table II Science - York As we wind down the year, we will study everything water; from watersheds to water pollution to fish and waterways.  Our final unit will be the study of weather.  The culminating project for the year will be our field trip to Forest Part where students will spend the day fishing, observing invertebrates, testing water and taking a watershed scavenger hunt.  As I said, we’ve been busy.  Take a look at some of the pictures and see for yourself. Here are some of our students on a field trip to the Litzinger Road Ecology Center: 20131212_133050_resized 20140307_130304_resized 20140307_133031_resized 20140307_134843_resized 20131212_123333_resized 20131212_125315_resized