The Power of One

IMG_2559 GCAA Musical Theater show 4-4

On April 4 and 5, 2014 at 7 p.m., the GCAA Musical Theater Department presented the "Power of One."  The show played to enthusiastic audiences on the 6th floor makeshift performance hall (as the Sun Theater is in the final stages of preparation next door).

IMG_2570 GCAA Musical Theater show 4-4

Mr. Keith Williams was the Director and Choreographer. The production itself was written by the GCAA students.

IMG_2618 GCAA Musical Theater show 4-4

I'm posting several photos from the Friday performance in this article.   As always, you can view many more photos in high res format on the GCAA Flickr Page (the link is also on the bottom of the home page of the GCAA Website.  Once you get to Flickr, visit the "Musical Theater" set, and you see 100 photos from Friday night.

IMG_2668 GCAA Musical Theater show 4-4

I've previously posted photos from some of the practice sessions, and you can still find those at the bottom of this article.

IMG_2653 GCAA Musical Theater show 4-4


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Immediately following are selected thumbnails from the show.  Click on any one of them and you'll see the corresponding high res photo. Photos from March 2014 practice sessions for the musical follow, along with the prior article regarding preparations for the show:

IMG_1684 GCAA music thea dance ceramics

IMG_2434 Musical Theater

IMG_2482 Musical Theater

IMG_1978 GCAA musical theater

Mr. Williams states that the kids are working hard at making this a first rate production, and "are learning a great deal about the production of musical theater." He urges that the GCAA community support the show by attending one of the two performances. "You'll hear the voice of young urban Americans all across America. It is the voice of students yearning to be heard." IMG_1654 GCAA music thea dance ceramics IMG_2436 Musical Theater IMG_1976 GCAA musical theater IMG_2465 Musical Theater The cost of attending is $20 per ticket. Williams explains that this is both a fundraiser for the department, and that the ticket proceeds will be used to defray what has turned out to be an expensive production, including the costs of costumes, an elaborate set and live musicians.